I photograph nearly 100 authors every year at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference, and more in my Somerville studio; I was interviewed about my extensive work with authors in the February 2021 issue of The Believer

I live with my poet and publisher husband in West Medford with our sweet 5 year old son, two cats, and an excessive collection of books and pothos plants.

Your Boston Portrait, Branding, and Editorial Photographer

I'm Adrianne


or many years I worked in public radio, first as an interviewer/producer and then as a web manager. I graduated from the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies photography program in 2010, and my photography work has since been in the New York Times, Wired, Forbes, and the Boston Globe, amongst others. I was a staff photographer and then Photo Editor for Scout Magazines (now defunct).


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A snapshot into my life

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Not like, dancing well. Dancing. You know, when you're just really feeling the music and you move however you're compelled to? I honestly think it's the greatest thing in this whole world. I don't know a better way to express enthusiasm or the joy of being alive. You don't even need to get a drink in me;  I will be your embarrassing friend "trying to get the party started."

For a while this slogan was really popular to "dance like no one's watching." I've always thought: pfft nuts to that. Dance like the whole world is watching, and everyone is into it.

Pump Up the Jams PumP Them Up


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I like to joke that I knew I would marry my husband on the first date, because we met at his apartment to watch a movie and splayed on his coffee table were a selection of simply beautiful books. I started paging through them; the poetry was often dark, often funny, often surreal. "Where did you get these?!" I asked.

"Oh," he said, "I published them. I also do the book cover designs."


Finding a cozy closet nook


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Nothing beats a road trip, and every summer we drive from Boston, through Canada, to Minneapolis to visit family. In general I love just getting up and going. I've impulsively gone to St. Petersburg, Russia for White Nights; I spent a month in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem while working for Israel Story; I Lost in Translation'd it in Seoul when my husband got a publishing grant. 

For our honeymoon we went to Greece. It's by far the most extensively planned, expensive trip I've ever been on, and we had norovirus almost the entire time. Impulsivity forever.

Burning Chametz in Jerusalem


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For over a decade now I've made myself an incredible breakfast every morning. The rest of the meals of the day are a total crapshoot; I often miss lunch entirely and wind up jamming fistfuls of cashews into my mouth. Dinner is an act of desperation.

But breakfast, breakfast, my love: waffles and fresh fruit, turkey bacon, English breakfast tea, poached eggs on spinach with buttered toast. Breakfast always gets dessert. Breakfast is king.

At Oleana


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40 below zero? Gusting winds, hail, 8 feet of snow? Want to do a photo shoot in a desert at noon? Want to go ice fishing? Ride a boat through a waterfall? You game to stick to the schedule even though a hurricane is coming? This should be exciting, let me grab a plastic bag for my camera.

(I don't expect you to be, but just a heads up I am here for all of it.)

Going to the Park

Extreme Weather

My Favorite Things

I just want to gush one more time about how happy I am with the author photos you took last year at AWP. I can’t believe how many times I have had to look at them, publishing a book in a time when social media is even more intense than it was the last time I published a book, and I am still amazed you managed to make me look so good and also so myself and capture such a perfect mood - and how nicely they go with my book cover! I will use them forever! Thank you again!

AWP Conference in San Antonio, TX


Thank you SO MUCH for this incredible window into our lives. We've been away and wanted to wait until we were back in our space together with plenty of time to look these over. The photos actually made us cry they were so beautiful.

You are so skilled and so artistic, and we can't thank you enough for the time and care you put into this unusual project. Maybe in ten years we can do it again!

Cambridge Home Couples Session

Andrew & Amy


The photos from the fashion show are just wonderful. I believe Jon put 8-10 of your photos on our new website in the main gallery, including the Uma Thurman sign with feather being the first of that slide show.

Thank you again and we will absolutely refer your amazing skill to anyone who asks.

NYC Fashion Week Documentation

United Staging

Thank you so much for being so easy to work with and for making me look like an author and younger than I am!  Hope all is well with you. It would be wonderful if our paths crossed again someday.

Author Portrait Session, Kansas City

Martha grace

These are lovely and fantastic and I'm so glad to have had this (initial) opportunity to work with you. Thank you, Adrianne!

Studio Session, SOmerville


These are amazing!!! Thank you so much, Adrianne. You gave them just the kind of touches that make them look polished but not overdone. You are some kind of wizard! My hair will never look quite so good, but I will be forever grateful to have great bangs in this photograph. 

Enough about my hair: what I appreciate most of all is that you captured me looking the way I feel, and in portraits that really convey those feelings. You have such a gift!

Anacortes, WA


Studio Session, SOmerville

Thanks for being great to work with! Everyone is pumped about the photos and the whole experience was so easy. Glad we were able to connect. 

Studio Group session, Somerville

Theological Institute

These are simply AMAZING! You are AMAZING!

We are so happy with them! Yay!!!!!!!

Cape cod Couples Session

Jocelyn & Ben


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